You have not experienced Paris until you have been there with Myriad.


We are a unique travel resource for visitors coming to Paris, France. Our exclusive services make every vacation effortless for clients who expect the best.

  • Seamless vacation planning for the ultimate Paris experience
  • Exclusive Access Concierge Services
  • Personal and Corporate Relocation Services

We absolutely love Paris, and we want to make sure you do too.


  • 03/02/2014in Transportation

    The Paris Metro and The Paris Bus, 10 steps to getting around Paris.

    I don’t want to look like a Tourist. I get this all the time. At the end of the day, you are a tourist, and it is okay. You are an amazingly cool person who actually takes interest in other cultures and traveling for pleasure. The first step is admitting it.  If you are like...
  • 21/12/2013in Myriad News

    Myriad is Online!

    We have been providing travel services for travelers to Paris for years.   We are very excited to bring this website online for our current and new clients coming to Paris.  Here we will not only be able to give you the exclusive trip access that only Myriad does best, but we can bring you...

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