About Us

What happens when you take that trip that changes your life forever? 12 years ago we took a trip to Paris and never left.  The more we uncovered and explored Paris the more we became part of Paris.

For over 10 years we have been in the concierge travel business focused on Paris, helping to share everything we have come to love about Paris that you will not find on any tourist visit.

We are constantly exploring Paris to find new experiences for ourselves, and trying to find those experiences that we can pass on to our clients.


We offer tailor-made vacation and business-trip planning. Why settle for regular concierge suggestions that are stale and hardly ever updated? Why waste your time trying to plan a vacation in a city that is unknown to you, only to find out that you were disappointed with a tour or wasted money on a restaurant or experience that didn’t fit your needs, and meet your expectations? Our services are all about knowing YOU, and creating tailor-made travel itineraries and experiences based on your specific interests and specifications. We do the planning so your dream vacation or business meetings are the best they can be!



  • Unmatched experience in the industry
  • Unique opportunities and venues not accessible anywhere else
  • Attention to detail covering every facet of your visit
  • An established list of satisfied customers

Natalie Gond

Natalie Gond


Natalie founded Myriad in 2013 after working more than 10 years in the exclusive destination travel industry already. Having such love already for Paris her self, Natalie used that passion to create one of the most comprehensive concierge and travel relocation companies available.

Timothy HarperRochester, NY
Natalie Gond at Myriad made our trip possible. With everything prepared for us, we were able to relax as a family and enjoy Paris.

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