Business Services

Concierge Services for Business

As a business with employees traveling to Paris, partnering with Myriad is one of the smartest things you can do. Using a concierge for business travel will not only help you manage costs, it will add value to your employees’ trip to Paris by optimizing their time on the trip. Do you want your employees out there shopping for a weeks’ worth of food, or do you want it taken care of for them so they can focus on their work?

Concierge Services can also be a great way to attend to your most influential clients. Making sure they see the best shows and experience a trip of a lifetime could turn them into a client for a lifetime. You have a business to run, so make sure they are in good hands by allowing us to put the experience in motion.

Apartment research and booking

Why stay in a hotel when we work with the best short-term rental agencies throughout Paris?  Paris hotel rooms are expensive and generally small. They usually do not come with sufficient office or table space, thus forcing you to work uncomfortably from the bed or in the lobby area. Many hotels have spotty wifi or very slow internet service. If you want to be efficient and comfortable just give us your budget and where your conference or meetings are located, and we will pick the perfect place.

Pre-arrival grocery stock 

Let us pre-stock your fridge with some of your favorites. Perhaps you would enjoy a nice cheese and snack plate and some wine ready for you or your client’s arrival in Paris? Or perhaps some breakfast items like croissants from the best local bakery and orange juice? Just send us a list and your groceries will be waiting for you in your rental apartment upon arrival.

Business entertaining package 

Want to wine and dine a client while in Paris? Or do you have a potential client coming to Paris and want to show them that you mean business? Let one of our Parisian experts suggest and reserve the best itinerary in order to impress that important client. This package includes a pre-planning call with you in order to get a feel for who your client is, a tailor-made itinerary based on your client’s preferences, all reservations necessary including airport transfers, activity and dining reservations, concert or opera tickets, and anything else that may help you sign the deal. We are here to make YOU look good.

Business Personal Concierge 

Personal assistance while in Paris on a one time or all day basis for you or your client. Anything from booking restaurants, chauffeurs, activities, to helping you getting your suit dry-cleaned in an hour, your personal business concierge is there to assist with anything you may need.


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