Concierge Services

Myriad provides a premier level of concierge service for travelers visiting Paris.  Because we are local and exclusive to Paris, we have more resources at our disposal than any other form of travel service.   Having a professional concierge facilitate your trip is like visiting the hometown of a family member you have never met.  We know all of the people who run the places, we steer you around the tourist line, we get you and your family seated for meals, and we really turn your trip to Paris into the easiest trip you will ever take.

Concierge services have been evolving quickly over the past couple years.  People have realized that by working with a professional concierge, they can actually save money on their trip without wasting time and energy researching what an expert already knows.

There are many corporations and businesses who leverage the resources of professional concierge services as well. Everything from apartment sourcing to group team building activities can be organized more efficiently using a professional concierge like Myriad.

We have assembled some examples of services and packages that can be found by contacting Myriad. If you are ready to begin, contact us now.  If you want to dig further by looking into either services for Vacations or Business by clicking below.


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