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Print VersionMyriad Four Stage Relocation Program

1300 €

This is our Four Stage Program where we get you all lined up for your big move.

We will be your friend, helper, translator, organizer, and assistant for 4 full work days. If you want a quick way to get oriented and settled into Paris, this is for you.

The price includes the below list and also 1 month of contact and assistance follow up should you need it. We will NOT leave you hanging.

Step 1: Investigation

Every size does not fit all when it comes to finding a new home. We will take the time to get to know you prior to your arrival in Paris. We will start with a survey and interview to get closer to understanding what your needs are.  We can also happily video chat so that you can already ask any questions that are on your mind. Our goal is to be your eyes in finding a home for purchase or rental that will be perfect for you and your life in Paris. Services covered in this first step are:

  • A questionnaire and interview in order to better get to know you.
  • Defining you and your families’ needs in terms of area. i.e. in relation to workplace, potential schooling for children)
  • Defining your budget and style of your future home.
  • Research for the best schools and best fit for area based on your needs and desires.
  • Research for the best apartments in desired areas to fit your needs in collaboration with our real estate partners.

Step 2: Matchmaking

It’s time to show you our top choices. Here we will line you up with our trusted real estate partners to show you a number of preselected apartments. Prior to your arrival into Paris we will set you up with a vacation rental property so that you do not need to worry about reserving lodging. (Please see our suggested vacation rental properties here/ (INSERT LINK). Services covered in this second step are:

  • Organization with our favorite real estate agents and a full day of apartment visits.
  • Assistance with reserving short- term lodging during your visit to Paris.
  • Full assistance with paperwork needed in order to rent or buy an apartment.
  • Coordination of paperwork and assistance with the signing of a lease when you have decided which apartment to choose.

Step 3: Startup Foundations

Now that you found a place to live, we need to make you a Parisian! We get you setup with your financials to get the ground running. We will accompany you to open a back account so that we can assist you with translation and other cultural questions you may have. You will need to get insurance for home-owner or home rental, and we will also help with that! Services covered in this 3rd step are:

  • Assistance with making a bank appointment and opening a bank account. We will assist you with getting all the necessary paperwork needed in order to open a bank account, and go with you to help you communicate during your appointment.
  • Assistance and coordination of taking out a home rental or owner insurance policy on your new Parisian apartment.

Step 4: Start up Communications

We set up everything you need to communicate in your new environment. We determine which brand of telecommunications would fit your needs for internet, telephone, television, electricity, gas, and also provide you with a list of comprehensive resources for you which you can use in case of follow up needed. We will get you connected on a cellular phone with a French Contract based on your needs. Services covered in this 4th step are:

  • Introduction with you building manager by phone and email
  • Subscription to gas and electric
  • Subscription to internet/ phone/ television
  • Subscription to a French cell phone plan

Myriad Installation Costs 

Utility Installation Package

  • Discussion with the client about which internet/ tv/phone service provider would be best for them and if fiber optic is a possibility in their building.
  • Contracts for Electricity (and gas if needed)
  • Meeting service providers at the apartment for installation

275 €

Repair and Maintenance Package

  • Full inspection of home for any maintenance issues before or after owner move in.
  • Full inventory of light bulbs, purchase (owner’s charge) and installation.
  • Appointments with repair and maintenance people to fix or update any request by owner. This could include things such as re-painting, repairs, installing curtains
  • Home appliance purchase and installation assistance i.e. assistance with purchase of new washing machine/dryer, fridge, oven, microwave etc.
  • Includes meeting all vendors at the home and over-seeing the works.
  • Our work is done when all of the repairs/painting/ installations are finished.

350 € 

Full Home Installation Package

This is for people who would like us to assist from A to Z.

  • Assist with choosing a moving company and their local partner in Paris.
  • Assist with reserving a storage unit if needed during any works being done in the home.
  • Research and booking assistance in a temporary apartment if needed while works are being done.
  • If desired put owners in relation with interior designers or architects
  • List of Parisian furniture and decor stores to assist client/
  • The utility installation package
  • The repair and maintenance package

750 €


Note: All prices are TTC (tax included)


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